Implementation of the 1st Measurement Campaign of SCIPPER in Marseille

During the period from 16 to 28 September, the 1st measurement campaign of SCIPPER on shipping emissions was implemented in Marseille, France. The campaign mainly targeted to monitor, by using various remote techniques, the compliance of ships to the existing emission limits, before the introduction of the global fuel sulphur content cap at the beginning of 2020.

In this context, a harbor vessel equipped with sensors (on-board sniffers) was used, sampling plumes of berthing and moving ships in the port of Marseille. Flying drones, also equipped with sensors, performed remote measurements on the shipping plumes, in parallel with the measurements made by the harbor vessel. In addition, emissions were measured by on-shore stations with remote sensing techniques.

The results of the campaign intend to provide: a) an evaluation regarding the compliance of ships on sulphur emissions regulations, b) an assessment of state-of-art remote techniques, including uncertainty characterization, as well as a first assessment of remote and drones comparability c) input to the identification of the effect on air quality of shipping emissions, before the regulation of the fuel sulphur content. The detailed results of the campaign are currently being processed and will be announced soon.

The campaign was organized and executed by the Aix Marseille University, with the collaboration of ATMOSUD, Chalmers University and AEROMON.