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Online Stakeholder Workshop 2021

Presentations of the SCIPPER Stakeholder Workshop on Monitoring Maritime Emission Compliance - 8 June 2021

D2.2 Prototype of revised sniffer type of remote monitor

This document reports a new, ultra-sensitive, sniffer-based system for remote compliance monitoring of the fuel sulfur content (FSC) in by-passing ships demonstrated in the 3rd SCIPPER campaign

D3.2: Experimental methodology for comprehensive physicochemical characterisation of ship plume

This document reports the main findings of the designed the experimental setup that was designed to collect the ship exhaust data specified in Deliverable D3.1, calibrated parts of the experimental setup and instrumentation and tested oxidation flow reactors for simulating atmospheric ageing

D3.1: Current status of best practices on ship plume modelling

This report overviews the state-of-the-art of ship plume modelling by discussing selected examples from current literature. From this review, a modelling approach for SCIPPER is outlined and special requirements for the experimental activities to support further model development are formulated.

D2.1: Review of available remote systems for ship emission measurements

In this review, state of the art remote systems are presented which are currently in use for the measurement and monitoring of emissions from seagoing ships.

D5.1: Gaps in current emission enforcement regulations and impacts to real-world emissions

This study identifies gaps related to emission regulations for ships with a focus on enforcement. The aim is to investigate how existing regulations ensure compliance with the legislations on emissions to air.

1st meeting with stakeholders presentations

Presentations of the 1st meeting of SCIPPER partners with stakeholders.

SCIPPER Informative Poster

Brief information on the concept of SCIPPER project.