SCIPPER Kick-off meeting & 1st Meeting with stakeholders

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25 and 26 June 2019

The Kick-off meeting of SCIPPER and the 1st meeting with stakeholders involved in the area of shipping, were conducted on June 25 & 26 respectively, in Brussels, Belgium.

In the context of the Kick off meeting (25th of June) a discussion among the consortium partners was performed about the initial activities of the project on the various work packages, as well as about the preparatory actions needed for the establishment of the project campaigns related to the measurement of shipping emissions.

During the second day (26th of June), stakeholders that are being involved in maritime activities (engine manufacturers, port authorities), as well as representatives of the EU Commission discussed with project partners the SCIPPER’s concept, including the methodology, the materials that will be used, the campaigns that will be implemented and the expected outputs. Stakeholders expressed to the Consortium their expectations from the project, as regards the shipping emissions mentoring and the enforcement of the regulations and stated their willingness to actively participate to project activities and to the formulation of the final outputs.